We have built a culture based on ethical principles, technical excellence, professional commitment and proximity to our clients. We became one of the most recommended law firms in the south of Brazil.

We have developed secure and innovative legal solutions. We contribute defining our clients’ strategies by offering a multidisciplinary and specialized vision. We provide assistance in sizing, organizing, and managing risks in the formulation, development, and execution of complex businesses.

We think on the long term, investing, giving value, and granting professional growth to our people, keeping a cohesive, updated, and specialized team of professionals.

We are pioneers in Santa Catarina in the development of actions that encourage social development. We have assigned part of the firm’s revenue to projects aimed at inclusion, education, culture, health, and sports.

Currently, we have offices in Santa Catarina and São Paulo. We are also member of an organization with more than 800 affiliated firms in Brazil and abroad.