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We believe that the quest for a more just and altruistic society is the responsibility of all individuals and institutions. For this reason, since 2011, we have undertaken activities to promote social inclusion, diversity and transformation in the Florianópolis metropolitan region. We are inspired by the main objectives of sustainable development in Brazil (SDG – United Nations) and attentive to the social and environmental dimension of the ESG agenda.

More than one thousand people, from children to the elderly in situations of vulnerability or social risk, have been positively affected by the initiatives of our corporate responsibility program. Through well-being and sustainability measures, we have also turned an eye to our employees – especially during the pandemic – seeking not only cohesion and motivation, but principally mental and physical health.

In 2017, MH Social received the Lumen award – issued by CESA and SINSA – which annually acknowledges good practices at Brazilian law firms. We also created a Racial Equality Committee to foster awareness initiatives about the issue, broaden the horizons of our employees concerning the antiracist agenda, and promote inclusionary practices, giving special attention to our hiring processes.

Discover some of the numerous actions we have already carried out

Zero Plastic

We eliminated our production of plastic waste. Since 2019 we ceased annual consumption of more than 8,500 plastic cups and 2,350 plastic bottles.

Basic Food Packages

Basic Food Packages: we collected donations in 2020 for the communities of Mocotó (Florianópolis), Brejaru (Palhoça) and Campeche (Florianópolis), in conjunction with ACAM Mocotó, Serte, Seove and the Despertar do Bem project.

Christmas Activities

Christmas activities with the Educandário Santa Catarina organization, which has a history of over 80 years of social action and has taken in more than 800 children in situations of social risk.

Professional Clothing

Since 2019 we have collected clothing for students at the Centro Cultural Escrava Anastácia, a non-profit group that helps 350 young people enter the labor market. The clothing is used by young people during job searches, hiring processes, and at work.

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