Optima MH

Technology, Innovation and Digital Business

Evolution of Legal Services

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Following the development of Santa Catarina's technology and innovation sector, we dedicate our multidisciplinary knowledge to help companies in the ecosystem to understand – and survive! – the challenges of Brazilian legislation.

In 2019, we launched Optima MH, a movement that digitally transformed the office and created a service front dedicated to technology, innovation and digital business companies, with legal solutions focused on the realities of the sector.

We have already advised fintechs, automation companies, systems development, software and investors, in the most varied and complex topics, such as attracting investments, M&A transactions, compliance (labor, tax and related to privacy and data protection), enabling a performance safe and healthy and the realization of new and strategic businesses.

We provide a multidisciplinary and specialized service in areas of interest to the ecosystem, such as:

The staff working in this sector is multidisciplinary and specialized.