Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights apply to everything that is the result of human creativity (works of art, characters, brands, patents, industrial designs, software, etc.)

The protection of these intangible assets is essential to ensuring the value of creation, allowing the evolution of knowledge, technology and innovation and fostering human progress through the development of new products and services.

Therefore, intellectual property is the foundation of a creative business and deserves adequate protection to allow attaining the best results.

In partnership with Hiago Busch, a professional with vast international expertise and experience in intellectual property, we offer highly specialized services in the field, mainly involving the following issues: trademarks and distinctive signs, patents, technological intelligence, industrial design, corporate secrets, digital business, protection against unfair competition, image rights and copyright.

This collaboration has helped Mosimann-Horn’s clients navigate intellectual property issues – from the simplest to the most complex – with skill and competence.