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Hélio is a highly experienced legal dispute resolution specialist, with a unique perspective gained from a distinguished career in the judiciary. His impressive background includes serving as a state trial court judge in Santa Catarina from 1964 to 1979, as an appellate court judge (Desembargador) on the Tribunal de Justiça de Santa Catarina from 1979 to 1990, and as an associate justice (Ministro) on the federal Superior Court of Justice from 1990 to 2001.

Despite his impressive resume, Hélio’s affable and approachable demeanor belies his many accomplishments. He brings an unwavering enthusiasm and good humor to his work, and is a constant presence at the office. Hélio is deeply passionate about strategic litigation in the courts, and actively participates in all aspects of the field.


Bachelor of law, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina – UFSC (1960).

Additional Activities

  • Minister [Judge], Superior Tribunal de Justiça – STJ [federal Superior Court of Justice] (1990-2001);
  • State Appellate Court Judge, Tribunal de Justiça de Santa Catarina – TJSC [Santa Catarina Court of Justice] (1979-1990);
  • Regional Electoral Controller, Vice-President and President, Tribunal Regional Eleitoral de Santa Catarina – TRE/SC [Regional Electroal Court] (1988-1989);
  • President of the Associação dos Magistrados Catarinenses (1980-1981);
  • Professor, Escola Superior da Magistratura em Santa Catarina;
  • Member of the commission designated by the Associação dos Magistrados Brasileiros to draft a proposal for the Statue of the Judiciary.


  • Medal of Electoral Merit, issued by the Tribunal Regional Eleitoral de Santa Catarina – TRE/SC (2017);
  • Honorary Citizen, Santa Catarina municipalities of São José do Cedro, São João Batista, São Miguel do Oeste and Brusque;
  • Peacemaker Medal, issued by the Brazilian Army (1991);
  • Cross of Judicial Merit, issued by the Associação dos Magistrados Brasileiros (1990);
  • Bandeirante Correia Pinto Medal, issued by the City Council of Lages, Santa Catarina (1990).


Litigation and Arbitration.